Making Good Use of Phone Contact to Pursue Leads Generated from Internet Marketing

If there is one fundamentally striking thing about marketing online, it is how easy it can be to get a message out to a large, new audience. Even the smallest and most locally oriented of companies today can potentially reach millions of people worldwide, and that can be a valuable thing to pursue. Because of this, much of the Internet marketing that happens in practice focuses on this side of things, seeking to deliver results mostly through the scale of the audience and the law of averages. At the same time, it can frequently pay to take a step back and think about how to make better use of contacts that have already been made.

A Graig Presti Bright Ideas Interview of recent days makes this point and illustrates the kinds of rewards that can be expected. The graig presti first interview moments are taken up with a discussion as to how to sort through leads that have already been generated, filtering those that remain warm and lively out from others that have more or less already gone dead.


The graig presti interview continues with a discussion as to how these leads might be pursued further. In many cases, digital marketers today will default to making use of basically the same techniques that were used to generate a given lead in the first place, perhaps elaborating on them with some appropriately crafted email followups, if that proves to be possible. In the graig presti bright ideas interview, though, the marketer points out how it can make more sense to switch tracks with leads that have started to languish, injecting a more personal touch that can be more likely to produce some results.

What that will sometimes mean will be making use of phone contact, a tool that many marketers today neglect to respect the power of. While mass cold calling is an outmoded approach that most do well to shy away from, the use of judicious phone communication can still be valuable. In fact, Presti makes a case that this style of contact can be one of the most effective of all at reviving leads that were in the process of becoming stale.

At the same time, it is necessary to proceed with a certain amount of caution. Those contacted should never feel that they are being pressured, lest negative side effects result. Simply by taking things slowly and Graig Presti Reviews proceeding in a strategic way, though, it can be possible to use this eminently personal style of communication to supplement the larger-scale efforts that are generally typical of the Internet.

Making Good Use of Phone Contact to Pursue Leads Generated from Internet Marketing

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